Writing violin reviews is one of the best parts of my job! I love trying out new violins and new violin related products. Pulling a new violin out of an Amazon box for me is like eating my grandma's chicken noodle soup or having my favorite author release a long anticipated sequal to my most cherished book. It just makes me happy. And the Franz Hoffmann Etude Violin did not disappoint. The subject of this review made writing the Franz Hoffman Violin Reiew a very pleasant experience.

The quality of craftsmanship is excellent, and we haven't had any problem with tuning it. As with all beginner violins, I immediately replaced the strings with Dominant violin strings . You may want to seriously consider doing the same thing as you will be much happier with the sound. The Etude (with Dominant Strings) projects very well, and has a nice clear, full sound. It is very playable for my 7 year old. I like how responsive it is to changes in dynamics and bow techniques such as staccatos.

In Summary, the Franz Hoffmann is a violin that is beautiful in looks and sound. It is a solid, well-made instrument that is excellent for beginners to late intermediate players. I do recommend replacing the strings, but consider this one of the best violins in it's price category.
Franz Hoffmann Violin Review: Outfit Details
This violin does not come with an outfit (bow, case, shoulder rest, etc.) which is not unusual for nicer instruments. The downside is that this also adds to the expense. Below I've listed the exact accessories I ordered for my daughter's Etude. They have worked great for us and are friendly on the wallet. Make sure you order the correct size!

-Toshira Violin Case
-Imported Brazilwood Violin Bow
-Everest EZ Series Shoulder Rest

Franz Hoffmann Violin Review: Justifying the Cost
Falling in the $200.00 price range, I would categorize this violin in the upper beginner/intermediate class. While many out there would argue that a couple hundred dollars isn't cheap, in the world of musical instruments it's really not bad. In the case of this particular instrument, I honestly feel like you are getting higher quality than the price tag even suggests.

I've alluded to this in many of my violin reviews before but please don't spend less on your student's violin than you do for: a trip to the salon, a month of cell-phone bills, filling up your vehicle with gas, a day on the greens, or a night out at the local steak house.
Franz Hoffmann Violin Review: Introducing its little sister named Amadeaus
Franz Hoffmann has come out with a new violin called, The Franz Hoffmann Amadeus. I have yet to check it out personally, so I can't say whether I would recommend it or not. It is in the low $100.00 price range, so it could potentially be a solution for families on a tighter budget. The reviews I've read are mixed, and typically I recommend spending at least $200.00. HOWEVER, Franz Hoffmann has a good reputation for making really good violins. Needless to say, I'm excited to order one and watch for my brown Amazon box. I'll let you know what I find out about it.

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