Best Violin Resources

You know those weekends that everything bad seems to be happening all at once? Yep, I just had one of those weekends. Our chicken named Hey Hey died on Saturday and I had to deal with a very mad and sad 3 year old over her loss. A couple hours later my daughter broke her leg and needs surgery. Then I got a telephone call that a beloved family relation has been taken to the ER and was being placed on hospice. Just when you think nothing else could go wrong....suddenly something goes very right and it helps just a little to brighten your otherwise very gloomy day.

Amidst all the stress, and constant bad news of the past weekend, I was handed a congratulatory email wrapped in a blue ribbon prize from a company called Tutorful.

For those that don't know about Tutorful, it is one of UK's leading online tuition marketplace, and currently my ray of sunshine on a dark day! They connect with thousands of families every week and provide tutors and wonderful resources and information on all educational subjects and interests. They've even been featured in the Times, Telegraph and Forbes. These guys are big.

Well, apparently after coming up on top in a reader survey the Tutorful team was able to look past my bad hair day instructional photos, inconsistent posting dates, cheesy jokes, and sappy love for the violin, and picked me as one of the top online violin resources! I may not have had an ounce of popularity in high school but apparently the UK thinks I'm pretty great! 

The-violin is being featured along with many other amazing violin resources in their latest editorial promoting the best content and resources for beginner violinists. How cool is that!  Check it out, it really is an awesome collection of great resources for any one interested in learning the violin. From awesome music apps to best violin websites (like yours truly) to great violin youtubers and recommended instruments they've got it all in one great article! I'm truly honored to be part of it. 

So, next time you're having a bad day. Just be patient, because who knows, maybe you'll be handed a blue ribbon prize and a spot in a notoriously illustrious and highly competitive editorial piece. Just keep your chin up and working hard at whatever it is that you love. Afterall, I'm convinced after the weekend I've just had that anything is possible, good or bad. So, let's focus on the good!