Up until recently I have scoffed at the electric violin. I am a tried and true classical violinist. A violin by my definition was a beautiful wooden, hand-carved instrument. In my ignorance I believed that electric instruments didn't belong in the family of stringed instruments, they belonged in the family of electric guitars, keyboards, and synthesizers. ! They're better off left in the talented hands of famous band members like Boyd Tinsley with the Dave Matthew band, right? Wrong!

Times are changing, music is changing, and the definition of the violin is changing. In fact, many experts predict a turn in the tide with increased electric stringed instrument popularity. My very pre-tween daughter is already begging for an electric violin, and much to the shock of my former self, I'd give her one if they came in her size! These instruments are fun, check out Lindsey Stirling if you don't believe me. They are also very versatile; weddings, national anthem at a football game, silent practicing (need I say more), school talent show, local band at the bowling alley, and the list goes on. 

So, for all of you 'classicalists' who either scoff at electric instruments, thought that it would be too difficult to play, or turned your teenager down flat when they asked you for one....you better keep reading. Then after you are done reading you need to quickly apologize to your teenager, check out my best electric violins to buy, and make it right! Choose from the many informative articles below