Are you looking for the best electric violin? Have you searched electric violins online only to feel overwhelmed with the different brands and confused about what accessory cable, preamp, and amplifier you might need. This article takes into consideration three different elements; sound, price, and and an overall violin that gives you the best bang for your buck. We have narrowed it down to one instrument per category. We also briefly discuss the accessories required for each instrument. 

Sound - When it comes to buying an electric instrument many musicians have a specific sound in mind. Unless you buy a violin with the sound that you want, you will most likely be very unsatisfied with your instrument. For quality sound, you may want to check into the NS Design Series. This top-of-the-line and customer favorite features a hand-carved body from solid maple that allows the NS to sound like an acoustic violin. However, musicians who are looking for a hard RAW electric sound can also choose the NS with confidence. This is due to the fact that active electronics are placed right in the body of the violin. Musicians have the option of switching between a more traditional electric violin sound or the classical acoustic sound. Switches on the NS are also used to control volume and individual bass EQ and treble EQ. Take into account that with the NS you will not need to purchase an additional preamp or multi-effects processors. It can plug right into any amplification sound system. This is a very nice electric violin, with some pretty sweet features. If you love classical violin then you this is the electric instrument for you! Check out it's gorgeous sound in the video below!

Price- Whether you are a beginner musician or a professional violinist looking to branch out into the electric violin, you may be looking for the best electric violin to buy on a budget.

The Barcus-Berry brand is right around $500.00 and receives good reviews. Although it's not the very best electric violin on the market as far as quality goes, it does have some real pros and nice characteristics to it that make it a great option and worth looking into. The first of course being the affordable price. Also, violinists like how it has the traditional look and feel of an acoustic violin that they are used too. This can make the transistion to electric much more seamless. Practice it like an acoustic, then plug it in at performance and tada, you're amplified! It is fairly versatile as far as accessories needed. Some say it works when plugged straight into an amp, while other violinists have been able to perfect the sound better using a preamp and sound mixer. I do recommend that for improved sound quality, you replace the strings with Dominant Brand Violin Strings upon purchase.
Best Bang for your Buck

Are you looking for an electric violin that is awesome for practicing, with the option of great amplified performance?

One of the best violins on the market to meet those needs is the Silent Yamaha SV Series. When I buy an electric violin for my teenager this will be it!

It feels and weighs simliar to that of an accoustic instrument yet has all the additional perks of being an electric instrument. Another added bonus is the great 'silent' feature. When the SV is not plugged into an amplification system it is the same volume as a heavily muted accoustic violin. If the musician wishes to play louder but doesn't want to impose on those around them, they simply plug into headphones. Additional features available depending on the model you choose are: built in metronome and tuning, SD card to play your audio files with speed adjustment options, and adjustable sound effects.

This instrument was designed to take your practicing to a whole new level. The SV-130 and SV-150 are geared more towards practicing but still have the capabilities for performance. The SV-200 , SV-250, and SV-255 are considered professional level violins made custom for performances. As the number following SV increases, so does the quality and the price. The video below gives you a pretty good idea as to what the Silent Yamaha is capable of.

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Ted Brewer Electric Violin, has a great sound and lights up!