When using a microphone or pickup on your violin you will need an amplifier along with a couple of other accessories to get started. Below you will find a list of everything you need, plus my recommendations of the best amplifiers, best preamps, and best everything else for amplifying the violin.

1. Transducers: A microphone or a pickup read our article dedicated specifically to transducers.

2. Signal Modifiers; preamp, multi-effects processor, or DI boxes. A Preamp is a middle man between the instrument's mic and the amplifier box. It boosts, cleans, adjusts, and blends the signal.

The LR Baggs Para Accoustic D.I. and the Boss PS5 Super Shifter are popular with violinist, and will work well with adding warmth and sound to your instrument.

Some pickups, and electric violins do not require a preamp (or at least can get by without one). If you are trying to cut corners and save money, this may be one area to do it. Check into your particular pickup or mic to see if a preamp is necessary. Or you could always try it without a preamp first, and if you like it then you don't need to buy one. If your sound is not loud enough, or the quality isn't great, you will want a preamp.

3. Output Stereos for sound; Amplifiers and speakers. Many violinist choose the Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb Amp as it is compatible and sounds great with violin pickups and mics.

4. Cable: You will need one cable if you are not using a preamp. You will need two if you are using a preamp, one to go from your pickup or mic to the preamp, and the other to go from your preamp to your amplifier.

5. Cable Free: A Wireless Pack may be used in place of a cable to free up the performer on stage.