Learning how to pizzicato can be very fun, and is often used in many orchestra pieces. My students first learn the violin without the bow, using pizzicato. Pizzicato is also great for practicing without the bow no matter your ability level so you can strengthen the left hand, and focus on intonation.

Playing Pizzicato
  • Use the fingerboard to anchor the right thumb.
  • If you pluck too close to the bridge the string will be too stiff and tight. You won't get a very good sound.
  • As you become more advanced or need to hold the bow while you pluck, try to maintain a normal bow hold while reaching down and plucking with your pointer finger on the right hand.
  • Do not use your fingernail.
  • Use the fleshy part of the tip of your finger.
  • Try to create a round full sound with each note. Careful not to let your left hand fingers stop the ringing of the string. This can sometimes be unavoidable when plucking many notes right in a row.
  • Avoid open strings. Open strings will sound different then fingered notes, and will stand out too much.

    Learn How to Pizzicato with this fun music!

    Looking for a song that practices plucking? Plink, Plank, Plunk! By Leroy Anderson is a very fun piece that also helps beginner students practice the technique of plucking. They also have this music in an orchestra arrangement. I have yet to find a student that didn't enjoy playing this piece.