An English dictionary will tell you that slur means to perform different notes or pitches in a smooth and  connected manner. So, how do we translate the English definition into violin language? Easy, by completing a violin bow slur! If only it was that easy in the beginning. Have you ever tried the pat your head while rubbing your belly challenge? It takes excellent focus and the ability to separately control both hands. The same could be said for slurring the bow.  

Slurring means that you change notes with your left hand but your right hand (bow hand) doesn't change direction. Once learned it becomes second nature, but can give beginner violinist a headache. 

Slurring is often used in pieces or movements meant to sound peaceful, calm, and tranquil. Watch the violin lesson online video below for more detailed instruction on how to complete a violin bow slur. 

Violin Lessons Online - Slurring Tips
  • When you are first learning how to slur, choose music that has easy fingering so you can turn most of your focus to your right hand and bow arm.
  • Be careful about how much bow you use when playing the slur. Do not use the whole bow on the first one or two notes. Save the bow in the beginning, so that you have plenty of bow room left at the end. This is done by slowing down the speed of the bow. Distribute the amount of bow evenly between all notes being played in the slur.
  • When you have a lot of notes that need to be slurred in one bow, make sure to use the whole bow and begin at the very edge of the bow hair.
  • The symbol placed above notes that are meant to be slurred looks like an upside down smile face. Connect all notes that are at either ends of the slur symbol and in between.