Congratulations, you found the perfect instrument! The next step is understanding how to care for a violin and bow. Are you afraid that your kid will walk off to school with their newly purchased instrument and it will come back looking something like this......


Use these tips as a guideline on how to keep your violin intact, happy, and sounding superb!

How to care for a violin

1. Purchase and use a good case. When you are done practicing remember to place the instrument back in the case so younger children and pets cannot damage it.

2. Hold your instrument with two hands. Place one hand at the neck and one hand down at the chin rest. Some teachers and luthiers believe that violins can crack if held around the belly of the violin.

3. Never hang your instrument from a stand. I remember many students doing this when I was in middle school and high school orchestra. They can so easily be knocked off.

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4. Do not keep your instrument in extreme temperatures. Avoid when possible sitting vehicles or buses, and keeping your instrument outside. Not only will extreme changes in temperatures cause an instrument to go out of tune, but it could possibly damage your instrument.

5. Keep your instrument free of dirt, rosin, and oils. After each use, gently wipe clean the instrument with a soft, dry cloth. The Varnish is there to protect your instrument and it's sound. Left uncleaned, the sound produced by the instrument will be compromised.

6. Only use cleaners and polishes made specifically for the violin. Do not use commercial furniture polishes, oils, or alcohol to clean your instrument. Even better, check out the natural and FREE way of cleaning your violin.

7. Violin Strings should be replaced every 6 - 10 months.

8. When taking off the old strings and putting on new strings only take one string off at a time. Having all of the strings off simultaneously can move the bridge and change the placement of the sound posts.

Your violin bow should also be proper taken care of. Read these tips on violin bow care, to keep your bow in one piece and playing beautifully.

If you have any further questions on how to care for your violin please contact me. I also encourage you to discuss any other concerns with your violin shop where you purchased or rented your instrument.