How to play the violin

Tips and strategies that will make you smile

Learning how to play the violin is no small task. It looks easy in the movies and sounds simple on the CD, but somehow you can't quite figure it out.

WHAT finger plays an F sharp? WHEN will this squeaking stop? WHERE in the world do you put your hand on the bow, and HOW will you ever get a vibrato that doesn’t sound like someone singing opera under-water?

You might find yourself wondering if it is even possible for you to learn the violin. The answer is YES! You can do it and I can help.

For simplicity I have broken down the “Learning how to play” into smaller categories: holding the violin, bowing, fingering, playing in tune, shifting and vibrato.

The key is to break down your violin playing piece by piece, practice and master the individual pieces and then put the puzzle back together. On the bottom of this page, you will find the indvidual 'pieces' to the puzzle.