Beginner Bow Hand Strategy (aka candy bows)

I just had to share this awesome bow hand strategy that has worked so well for us! A while back, I came across this bow hand strategy and decided to create my own spin-off.  I use candy, and a little different implementation, and am loving the results with my kiddo. She is a beginner trying to learn the delicate art of holding the violin bow AND she has double jointed thumbs! Uh-oh, yikes, extra hard...yep, I know! This easy bow hand strategy has worked wonders with her and her 'gifted' thumbs. We call them 'candy bows' at our house. A picture really is a worth a thousand words so I've included a photo gallery and video. Never mind the fingerprint filled walls, the gunky hair on her bow, and the sounds of the dryer in the background.

 I used the phrase "make your thumb a table" often to keep her little double jointed thumb from collapsing. Also, make sure that you emphasize relaxation and keeping the 'tunnel' through the hand open.

The rules are that she has to balance the candy while she lifts her bow up and down ten times (elevator bows), and then if the candy hasn't fallen off she can carefully take it to her mouth and pop it in. If the candy has fallen off, she has to start the count back at one. She LOVES doing this, and her bow hand is looking awesome from all the extra practice! Everyday she comes home from school begging to do more 'candy bows'....pretty sure she just wants the candy, but who am I to stop her from practicing. 

Bow Hand Strategy - Candy Bow Video