Guest Artist Kelsey Anne Art

I'm super excited to present to you our first ever guest artist, Kelsey Anne. She's pretty darn talented and can do pretty much anything you could ever want that combines creativity, art, drawing, writing, and a good eye. Can you say, personalized concert invites or programs...yes please! How about cards, or framed gifts for music bet! Check out her website for more ideas. 


Hi! Kelsey here. I'm the owner and operator (it sounds so official, doesn't it...) of Kelsey Anne Art. In a nutshell, I doodle. I doodle quotes, simple illustrations, really, just about everything.

Ever since I was little, 3 things have played a major part in my life: art, music and snacking. Snacking is my jam but the other 2 are why we're here. In most of my free time, I was either doodling or practicing the piano. I got pretty good at both of them. 

I got to the point that I could accompany violinists and creating music with a piano and a violin was an experience I'll never forget. It was so fun hearing the kinds of sounds and amount of power that could come from a combination of these 2 instruments. 

So here I am again — combining. I'm combining my love for doodling and my love for music by hand-lettering beautiful quotes that fittingly describe the power of music. I'm so honored to be featured on this blog and to be able to work with Step. Thanks for reading and thanks for this opportunity!