Tips For Finding a Violin Teacher

There's no time like the summer time to start playing the violin! This post about tips for finding a violin teacher is just be the beginning of our summer springboard series. This year I will be focusing on beginning the violin and cover topics from; finding teachers, purchasing everying you need (keep your eyes out for my upcoming reviews on cheap in price but not in quality beginner violins to purchase), fun ways to motivate your student throughout the summer (it is possible), and what violin method is right for you!

Many parents of beginner students wait until fall to purchase an insturment, begin lessons, and join school orchestra. Why wait? Summer is a great time to begin playing the violin for several reasons. First, it will give your student a head start for when they begin school orchestra in the fall. Second, praciticing an instrument is a totally worthwhile way for your kids to spend their time during the lazy days of summer. We have a love hate relationship with electronics over the summer, my kids love them and I hate them. Encouraging them to practice and providing fun musical experiences help fill up some of those long summer hours when they may be tempted tojust  camp out in front of the tube. Third, playing a musical instrument increases smartness, google it if you don't believe me. Keep your kids minds sharp and ready to start the next school year. 

One of the first steps to learning the violin is finding a violin teacher. Here are my tips for doing just that! If you have any other helpful tips for finding a violin teacher please add them to the comment section below this post!

Tip #1 - Price Varies greatly for location.

If you live in a large city, you will have more options to choose from. You will have some very expensive lessons for advanced players. But you will also find cheaper lessons due to competitive prices.

In the country you will find less vary in price, and closer to the average lesson cost or slightly above.

Tip #2 -  Some teachers will travel to your home for a higher cost.

This could potentially save you money in gas and wear and tear on your car. So, do the math and calculate it out. See what would be best for you in the long run. Don't forget the price tag of your time and the ease of having the lesson in your home. 

Tip #3 - Buying lessons up front.

Teachers usually give discounts for package deals and pre-paid lessons. Paying for a whole semester or couple months of lessons at a time can save you hundreds of dollars over a year's worth of lesson time.

Tip #4 - Sibling and family discounts.

If you have more then one student in your family, the second and third child is usually at a cheaper rate.

Tip #5 - Teacher Experience.

Music teachers rarely overcharge for their lessons. If anything, they have the tendency to undercharge because they want to share their love and passion for music with everyone. If you see a teacher offering high rates, and have great credentials, then most likely they are worth their money and will be an excellent teacher. However, younger teachers have much to offer as well, and often at a much more affordable price. See the next tips below.

Tip #6 - Age of Teacher.

Many teachers just starting out or that are very young will usually have low prices. Don't overlook them just because they are cheap. Many young teachers are excellent teachers because they themselves are currently playing at a high level, and taking lessons from very skilled teachers. Young teachers also come into teaching with the desire to build a good reputation, and a passion to be successful. 

Tip #7 - Group Lessons.

Some studios will offer group lessons at a lower cost. Although one-on-one private lessons would be more beneficial, if you are on a tight budget this could be a great way to introduce your student to violin. Check on class size, and make sure they keep the group really small. 

These tips for finding a violin teacher for the right price will help you find the teacher that is right for you! Also, it is important to remember that taking lessons will be a financial sacrifice. But it is a sacrifice that is priceless, the benefits of the violin lessons will go beyond your 30 minutes of scheduled violin lesson time. Learning a musical instrument is life changing.